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How Schaumburg Families Can Address a High-functioning Alcoholic

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Alcohol addiction is easily the most damaging and the most serious of all of the substance abuse problems in the United States.  This is an issue that has for some time done nothing but gradually worsen time and time again as the years have gone by, and the greater Chicago area is one of the places that is affected the most.  Without a doubt, addiction just seems to build up and build up more and more and more and more in this area, and not just with alcohol either.  Easily, Schaumburg is one of the areas worst affected by this and that is why a drug rehabilitation Schaumburg is in place.

If someone you care about seems to be drinking excessively in one way or another but still manages to get to work or school and do what they need to do, (for the most part), they seem reasonably healthy and sound, they show up for social events and they otherwise participate in every aspect and quality of life, you may be reluctant to broach the subject of alcoholism with them.  It can be hard to really convince them of their own problem when other aspects and areas of their life are going so well.  After all, the substance use may not seem to be causing problems on the outside, and though they definitely are causing problems on the inside these are more difficult to prove to him or her. These individuals who seem like they have a drug or alcohol problem can easily seek help at a drug rehab Schaumburg location. At the drug rehab Schaumburg, they will be able to get the help they need and finally recover from their drug or alcohol addiction that has been harming their loved ones surrounding them.

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High-functioning Alcoholics

None of this even comes close though to meaning that a so-called “high-functioning alcoholic”, (or substance abuser should the case be), isn’t headed for trouble.  With high-functioning alcoholics in fact, it takes a while for problems to catch up to them, but when they do they really strike hard.  Functioning alcoholics can pretty easily mitigate the damage caused by their drinking while still drinking the same amount that they always have been.  But unless the excessive drinker stops or cuts back on their own, or seeks help, the habit is likely to progress, potentially leading to personal, professional, legal and/or health problems and/or an accident or injury, for example, or even death for that matter.

The first step toward helping your spouse, partner, relative or friend, be they in Schaumburg or not, is to recognize the signs of trouble brewing and intervene, all preferably before serious harm or difficulties really occur.

In Schaumburg the key is to discover, no matter how well functioning they are, exactly what aspects of their lives are being affected by drinking and/or drug use, and really drive those home to the addict.  In this way he or she will really start to see exactly what his or her alcohol abuse is doing and will want to get help at a drug rehabilitation Chicago as a result of it.

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