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First Aid for Your Pet before Visiting Emergency Vet

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Sometimes your pet cat or dog may need first aid care before taking him to vet. However, you may note that first aid is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it can save the life of your pet before taking him to your vet.

What to do for poisoning?

Your pet may get poisoned by taking something which is harmful for humans too. Poisoning may cause too much confusion for a pet owner. Usually poisoning can happen due to consumption of any cleaning agent or rodent poison. Also there are certain food items, which can cause poisoning.

If it is caused due to any cleaning product then you must immediately wash the skin of your pet with soap and water. Make sure that soap water does not fall in his eyes, nose or mouth. After that you can call the vet from Harmony Animal Hospital.

If you are not very sure about the type of poison consumed by your pet then it is advisable that you may call emergency vet clinic, who are experts in poison control. If your pet has vomited then collect the sample, so that the vet can examine it.


What to do for seizures

In case the pet is having seizure then do the following

  • Take your pet to such a place where there are no objects like furniture so that it may not get hurt. Avoid restraining your pet.
  • Note the time of seizure
  • After that try to keep your pet warm and quite.
  • Call the emergency vet

What to do in case of fracture

  • Protect the affected part of your pet
  • Keep your pet gently on flat surface to provide support
  • Transport your pet on a stretcher and use blanket to cover your pet
  • You can also try to put bandage on the affected part but you should be very careful. If you are not sure then leave bandaging for vet to do.

What to do for bleeding

  • Protect the part where it is bleeding
  • With the help of thick gauze pad try to press on the wound so that blood clots. This may take little time and therefore keep the pressure on the gauze pad.
  • After the bleeding has stopped bandage the part.

In case the bleeding is internal then do the following

  • Observe the source of bleeding
  • Keep the pet warm and quiet and take him to vet.

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James Harris is a passionate blogger and he often writes post on vet emergencies. If you live in Apex, Harmony Animal Hospital is the best for your pets. Call them or visit their website to get more information about their services.

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